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Anyone can write. But it takes years of skill, experience and dedication to be a writer.

A great writer is someone who understands words and how they fit together in a sentence.

A great writer can make any subject intriguing, whether it's men's wedding rings or paper cups. A great writer knows how to draw a reader in and keep them scrolling down to the last word.

A great writer is someone with a niche; an area of expertise that they're immensely passionate about.

I am that writer.

As a qualified journalist and a naturopath, I specialise in all things health and wellness, fitness and nutrition.

I write web content, email sequences, sales pages, blog posts, long-form research articles.

From digestive health to the latest liver detox supplement - I write what you want. And I write it damn well.

"Katie was nothing short of amazing on the project she worked on for us. Katie was very knowledgeable on the topic and suggested adding certain content to improve our course, delivered before schedule and the whole team loved her writing style. It was exactly what we were looking for and Katie would be the first choice should we need the services again. Definitely give her an opportunity to service your project. Fantastic job!" - Nev Heath, Vast Fitness Academy

"Katie writes with a flair that livens up any website or magazine she happens to be published in, and is also why I choose to work with her. She's an invaluable addition to any team." - Jeff Soukotta, Adaptise SEO & Online Promotion


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